What is Salsa?
Salsa is joy of life!
Salsa is love of music!

Salsa is a fire that spreads through your body and makes you feel alive!

Salsa is a language without words, which inspires and connects people all over the world!

At the beginning was music. Then came salsa.
A fascinating combination of Latin American, African and North American rhythms and instruments gives the basis for the musical dish of salsa music. Through the seasoning with the influences of different cultures, their history, traditions and religions, a comprehensive and varied buffet of salsa arises. Discover the taste of all these dishes, by letting yourself go and moving to the music. You'll be rewarded with feelings of happiness, fire and serenity at the same time, and certainly with a smile.

Ruben's ambition is to help everyone discovering his or her personal and individual style of salsa! In his long career as a dance instructor in Cuba and Austria, he developed his own method of teaching salsa. It is characterized by its logical structure, the interaction between head and body, the comprehension of musical structures and its rhythms, as well as the pure joy of dancing and moving. The dance students will learn to apply the dance steps and techniques in the shortest time and will be able to develop their own personal style. Rhythm, pleasure of dance, liveliness as well as a playful way to learn are in the foreground - completely in accordance to the spirit of the Cuban dance philosophy.

With Ruben you will learn everything you need to create and enjoy your own salsa buffet!

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